Are you an IPad Director?

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My eyes were opened when I was at the NACD 2010 Annual conference last month by the directors using IPads.  Many had been given the IPad to help them with their board work.  It was a visual you can appreciate anytime you see people using new technology.

I was in a pre-conference session on Nomination and Governance when a director spoke up to talk about the opportunities and risks of social media.  He spoke from a set of first hand experiences gathered in leadership positions in the hospitality business.  I was thrilled so early in event to find one of my people: a director who can speak about the importance of social media on business strategy.

I had a chance to meet up with the director and want to introduce him to you.  His name is John W. Mims, Managing Partner, The Hunting Ridge Group.  He sits on the board of Brinker International, Inc. and Entertainment Cruises.  You’ll enjoy his comments and do let us know your board experiences overseeing this fast moving area.  We are gathering up good questions to ask in the boardroom.  You’ll hear John’s favorite questions in this video: John Mims on Social Media Strategy and the Boardroom.

John Mims 2010 NACD Conference

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