Corporate Directors in a Social World: Who’s Talking about You?

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Around the globe the world has gone social using online opportunities to connect and collaborate with like minded people.  You’ll want to check the statistics at the end of this post to see how fast the internet is growing.  So with almost two billion people online do you know if  anyone is talking about you and your business?  If you haven’t had this “boardroom conversation” yet the time is now.
So why the puppy dog?  Well we all want to sleep well with the covers keeping us warm.  Going online to see what is being said is like “pulling back the covers.”  You have to decide if is time to get up and remove the covers.  If you are ready to see what is being said let’s start with what you can find on Google.
Googling yourself is a first step in monitoring and tracking what is being said about you and your board.  This is the easiest way to see what is on the web.  Easy enough.  Here are the questions I ask clients when setting up monitoring for them:
1. What names should be tracked?:  your own,  CEO, chairman, other directors?

2.  Company name and/or operating entities?

3.  Products

4. Competitors

5. Investors

6. Industry leaders

7. Professional associations
These are advanced strategies to consider when building your own news feed about you and your board.  At a minimum, I encourage you to Google your name and set up free Google alerts for some or all of the seven areas.
These are a start at keeping up on what is happening with you and your business.  With two billion people talking, directors cannot sit back and assume that all is well.  No reason to put your reputation at risk when a Goggle search can help you see “who’s talking about you.”

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