Social Business Professional – What’s That All About?

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What is a Social Business Professional?

I had to ask that when I heard from One Forty that I had been accepted as a “Social Business Professional.”  Social media is being built as an expertise as it goes along.  I regularly tell people in the boardroom that no one is an expert yet.  Lisa Sasevich calls it “building the plane while it is flying.”   I am comfortable calling myself a professional.

I am not a hobbyist.  I take the business risk and opportunity seriously for board chairs and corporate counsel.  They are being asked to assess the impact on their compliance and business strategy.  This is a serious matter that needs professional expertise to intersect with social media.  Yes, we’re having fun here.  No, social media is not going away nor going to be exclusively for teenagers.  What we are seeing is that it allows for larger coordination across a greater geography at a lower cost.

If you can think about the recent political uses of social media, you’ll get a feel for the power of coordinated action across a belief system.  Time is now to get social media on your board agenda.  You do not want your 2011 strategy looking like you are not paying attention.  Trust me, it is not going away.  That’s why I’m proud to be a Social Business Professional.

Thanks, One Forty.

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