NACD So Cal Corporate Governance Week – #USCSummit

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Our NACD Southern California Corporate Governance Week is a series of events both public and private.  Our focus is on creating opportunities for the governance community to identify ideas and process to enhance their service to investors and stakeholders.  Here are my tweets and pictures from the week.

The week started with the Women on Boards 2020 Los Angeles lunch event. 2013-11-12 13.23.02
2013-11-14 08.08.19 Dean Ellis -USC Marshall, Chris Cox, CJ Steele and Duke Bristow kicking off #USCSummit So Cal #CorpGov week
Inside CEO & Board Searches – @RSRPartners Greg Lau & Gary Matus , Caroline Nahas @Korn_Ferry #USCSummit  2013-11-14 09.50.46
2013-11-13 11.30.42 CEO-Fit to culture (does the board understand the current state?), skills and behavior characteristics (HR can help.) #USCSummitFinding good directors is hard, getting rid of bad directors is even harder.  Choose wisely. #USCSummitCombined CEO / Board Chair potential tensions around compensation & strategy.  Board executive session essential.  #USCSummitIMO what helps are board chairs leading performance cultures. #corpgov MT @CtWInvGrp@fayfeeney Totally agree;do board term limits help?

Board evaluation, refreshment and restating the “at will” reality of board seats. You don’t own the seat for life. #corpgov

What gives ISS shareholder’s confidence? The board’s ability to put #risk unknowns on the agenda. Time on the agenda to think together.

Essential reading on Talent Development #corpgov MT @RSRPartners @NACD Our many thanks, Fay!

Gender diversity panel including  Anne Sheehan @CalSTRS  Maxine Williams @facebook Wendy Shiba and Stephen Brown @TC_Talks Great framing to expand beyond thought alone answer.  #corpgov 2013-11-14 13.40.44
2013-11-14 13.41.33 Talking about majority white men speaking and stepping up for women on board. #risk in taking the first step. #corpgov
How can your board defend not having women on their board? No good answers for investors (or me!) #corpgovWomen on boards is a shareholder value issue. Now how to make it happen? Characteristics built into process earlier. Cognitive & identity.

Our NACD So Cal Chairman M. Christian Mitchell moderating a panel on: Post-Crisis Insider Update – What Directors Should Know

2013-11-15 08.50.39 Moderator: M. Christian Mitchell– Vice Chairman, the Board of Directors, Marshall & Stevens
John C. Erickson – Vice Chairman and Chief Corporate Banking Officer, Union Bank
Stanley Farrar – Of Counsel, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Dane Holmes – Managing Director, Head Of Investor Relations, Goldman Sachs
#corpgov questions to banks for 2014 – are we in your core business? Are you able to make money on our account? Ask now before you’re told.Listening to Stanley Farrar @sullcrom talk about #risk appetite for Financial services. Supply chain expectations headed your way.

Nice to see you too Fay! RT @fayfeeney: How great to see @colleencunningh sitting to the right of me at #USCSummit welcome to LA Colleen!

Our NACD So Cal Chapter Chairman Emeritus Dann V. Angeloff and Ed Merino, Chapter Vice Chairman and CEO, Office of the Chairman: Reflections on Governance: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow
2013-11-15 09.30.01 2013-11-15 09.29.25
2013-11-15 10.48.27 #USCSummit Chad Spitler @blackrock Dane Holmes @GoldmanSachs and Stephen Brown @TC_Talks#corpgov engagement
Engagement creates home field advantage for your company. #corpgov (I love this quote)Loved learning about the leading #IR practices from Dane Holmes @GoldmanSachs #corpgov listening to stakeholders for biz intelligence.In addition to stock price, board process is a mechanism for investors to assess activity. #corpgov #disclosure

Treating your investors the way you treat clients – what a concept. #corpgov engagement is used to clarify & improve understanding.

#risk lives in accepting today’s abnormal world as normalized. The capital markets requires activism. Get involved.

Curious if #corpgov has tested the boundaries on info flows for reasonable inquiry to include social media relevant conversations?

#USCSummit Chad Spitler @blackrock 2013-11-15 11.06.43
2013-11-15 11.09.49 #USCSummit Dane Holmes @GoldmanSachs
#USCSummit Stephen Brown @TC_Talks #corpgov 2013-11-15 11.11.46
2013 Governance Week Wrapping up a great week, Chief Justice Steele and @USCLawDean Robert Rasmussen talking on topic “Government in the Boardroom.” #USCSummit

A big thanks to Dr. Duke Bristow on producing the USC Corporate Governance Summit

We’ll look forward to next year !


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