Welcome to Risk for Good

We are here to help corporate board directors and the governance community wrap their arms around the significant risks, challenges and opportunities they are facing in the boardroom. Risk for Good’s mission is to enable corporate board members to “tune in” to the conversation that is happening now on the web.

We invite you to visit the About: Risk for Good tab and learn about the unique expertise of our Founder and CEO, Fay Feeney. She brings an independent view of governance and leadership built on a successful career in enterprise risk management & sustainability. Ms. Feeney is an avid student of technology and an engaged member of the governance Web 2.0 communities (LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook).

We all are being sent more messages than we can process in our global, connected world. It’s not unusual to hear about people receiving hundreds of emails a day. You are having to field phone calls, e-mails, invites to meetings, and conference calls. Our recommendation of going on-line to social media sites may sound impossible to you.

However, your investors, your customers, and your employees expect you and your board to stay informed. There is a conversation going on now among customers, stakeholders, strategic partners, competitors, and your employees about the key issues facing your business. We teach you how to listen.

Risk for Good teaches you how to tap the conversation in aneasy, time-efficient manner. We understand your challenges in responding to your expanded “duty of care”. We teach you how to gather information efficiently, filter out the important content, and connect to gather new ideas targeted to your needs.

We insure you are getting current independent information when making strategic decisions. Don’t be left behind: Call Fay at 310-372-0591 or Fay@RiskforGood.com to learn how you can “listen in” to the conversation, extract the important issues for your business, adjust your strategy, and help your CEO implement with intelligent risk to succeed.