Fay Feeney founded Risk for Good to equip CEOs and their boardrooms to fast track their business in a rapidly changing world.  Today’s businesses and boardrooms are being informed of the future in real time.  The connected enterprise uses technology insights to lead themselves while enabling their CEO to grow with ever evolving demands from stakeholders.

Risk for Good advises corporate and board leaders who want to leverage their time while leading successful business strategy.

We accelerate business and boardroom performance which results in enhanced support, strategy and communications for the the CEO and the company.

Our advisory is built on a systemic risk management framework.

In a fast-moving, transparent world, we believe “business as usual” leadership is the biggest risk business can take in 2021.

Risk for Good helps CEOs and  board leaders who know that demands, disclosures and visibility are increasing at a rapid pace.

In this difficult and challenging climate, successfully leading your business and board to profitable outcomes for your shareowners will not be “business as usual”.  Risk for Good is a resource designed to help CEOs, the C-Suite and board directors make better business decisions in an economy that is truly global and connected.

The use of technology and its impact on your business strategy will only gain importance in the years to come.

Fay Feeney brings her insight and experience as a seasoned risk management professional to help you listen, interpret and apply important issues that impact your agenda setting.  She is an active participant in director’s education and an ardent fan of technology.

Fay brings an independent “outside-in” view of governance and leadership built on a successful career in: enterprise risk management, safety, health & environmental (sustainability & CSR) and human resources.   She provides strategic insights on how to connect to real time information whether found on Linked In, Twitter, Seeking Alpha, U Tube or Google. This is a competency that will strengthen director’s governance of these emerging strategic risks.

Listening and interpreting the social conversation while aligning with business strategy is top of mind for business leaders. These conversations are essential to delivering successful results in these dynamic, fast moving times. These are new competencies that customers, investors, shareowners and stakeholders expect to see put into action.

The emerging risks can include social media and it’s impact on enterprise risk management, regulatory and global trends, climate change, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, activist investors, transparency and disclosure.

Fay is an engaged member of the governance communities of Web 2.0 (Linked In, Twitter & Facebook) and a regular attendee at governance education.  She holds the NACD Director Board Leadership Fellow certificate.

NACD BL Fellow Badge

Call Fay today at 310-902-3727 or e-mail: fay@riskforgood.com to learn more about how these important, fast-moving emerging trends are disrupting your business.