How to Work with Risk for Good

Risk for Good offers several options for CEOs, boardroom executives and board leaders to assess, align and lead their boardroom in the digital age:

Technology Governance

Leading the Boardroom in the Digital Era:

Board leaders know that their boards are working harder to stay informed.  In these times of increased demands, we are here to help you use your board’s time wisely while building digital capabilities.  With our advisory help you can get to asking the important questions that support your CEO in creating an engaged, profitable, social enterprise.

Social Media for the Boardroom

  • A risk for every boardroom is knowing what is being said about their company, executives and board directors.  Risk for Good works with you to connect with “who is saying what” about the board, the leadership team and the business.  These conversations have real implications for investors, competitors, customers, employees, activists and more.

If you’ve been asking yourself “How can I stay informed on our business issues in our rapidly changing world?” Risk for Good is here to equip you in curating relevant information.

Corporate Governance Briefings

  • Briefings (in-person, virtually and written) are for board directors, CEOs, General Counsel/Corporate Secretary, CFO, Investor Relations and management teams to stay informed on emerging corporate governance trends directly affecting your business.

The 24/7 digital, social, global world represents a fundamental change in the way people get and share news, information and content.  Social media is impacting how opinions are formed and how decisions are made today.  How can you leverage this trend?

“The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.” –Drucker