Leading the Technology Enabled Boardroom

Risk for Good works with CEOs and board leaders who understand that it takes vision, communications and agenda-setting for their board to govern an profitable, ethical and trust worthy company culture in our connected world.

They seek opportunities for closing the information gap.  They welcome expanding their sources on “what is being said” in the social conversation that affects their reputation.  With this vision they lead a boardroom that is connected to opportunities to build trust in a networked, 24/7 digital world.

We are here to advise CEOs and board leaders as they learn to listen, interpret, and apply their wisdom and expertise to this digital world.  These are essential skills for enabling their CEOs to lead a “social businesses” that listens and engages stakeholders.

Our expertise is based on deep understanding about risk, technology and other emerging trends.  Your job to govern in today’s climate is becoming increasingly demanding.  You are facing significant new challenges:

  • Enterprise Risk Management – leading practices in the boardroom
  • Social technology and 24/7 global communications : The internet, social media, cyber-risk and more
  • Opening communication channels from the outside/in
  • Sustainability, Supply chain, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG investors
  • Safety, Health & Environmental Concerns: rising expectations and activism
  • Talent Diversity, inclusion and culture:  The changing face of talent – age, gender, race, cognitive, etc.
  • Risk implications on company brand and reputation

These are new emerging areas for boards to consider for their business strategy.  If you would like to know more how you can accelerate your insights, let’s schedule some time to speak.