Press Release: Fay Feeney Named to Prestigious 2011 NACD Directorship 100

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Fay Feeney To Be Honored Among the Year’s Most Influential Corporate Leaders

Risk for Good, Hermosa Beach, Ca (September 27, 2011) — Risk for Good is pleased to announce that Fay Feeney, CEO has been named to the National Association of Corporate Directors’ (NACD’s) 2011 Directorship 100 Persons to Watch, in recognition of her work promoting the highest standards of corporate governance.

Fay Feeney will be among those recognized at a gala dinner on November 8 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, during the NACD Directorship 100 Forum.  As CEO of Risk for Good, Fay Feeney has shown her commitment to NACD’s mission of promoting board diversity and boardroom excellence by service as Chair of the Southern California Chapter Chairmen’s Roundtable.  The Chairmen’s Roundtable provides a peer-to-peer opportunity to exchange insights on leading the boardroom.

“The D100 honorees represent the most influential leaders whose decisions impact both Wall Street and Main Street and echo around the global,” said Kenneth Daly, president and CEO of NACD. “As the voice of the director, it is important for NACD to help set the standard by recognizing these visionaries as examples to others.”

NACD recently recognized the Directorship 100 honoree which distinguishes the most influential leaders in the boardroom and the corporate governance community. Honorees have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the highest standards and best practices in corporate governance, as well as helping to promote NACD’s initiatives to further boardroom diversity.

The full list is comprised of more than 100 directors and officers alongside more than 100 boardroom advocates in 13 categories.  The top leaders of corporate governance chosen this year represent a range of companies including Apple, JPMorgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., General Electric, Unilever and Risk for Good.

The methodology to determine the NACD Directorship 100 finalists includes a review of quantitative results from an NACD Directorship survey including NACD members, search engine rankings, and qualitative measures including peer input from NACD chapters, expert review, major media references, and review by an editorial advisory board for each of the more than 1,000 nominations. Directors and Officers on the list are chosen for their individual attributes, not because of the board on which they serve on. Conversely, honorees in the Governance Institutions and Professionals are included based on the influence of the organizations they serve.

To view the full list of 2011 NACD Directorship 100 honorees, please visit

About Risk for Good
Fay Feeney, CSP, ARM founded Risk for Good in 2010 to consult with corporate board chairs to use Dodd-Frank to their advantage and thrive in a digital world. Risk for Good advises corporate board leaders (chairs, lead directors and non-executive chairs) who want to leverage their time while improving boardroom performance. Risk for Good provides board leaders with the tools to navigate the disruption to their business from a social, mobile and global world.

Today’s minefields can cost your company:  time, money and goodwill.  Risk for Good works with your board to evaluate your exposure and leverage the opportunity from: social media, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, board composition, succession and the multitude of other areas where your board needs to manage emerging risk.

Modern boardrooms address these questions before others demand a “comply or explain” response.  We use the quiet in our client’s boardroom to prepare thoughtful answers to today’s tough business questions.

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